How to find antiques furniture

Antiques furniture store owners are being urged to be more careful when shopping for their collection, and to take time to consider what their furniture might contain.

Many antiques houses are selling their furniture without telling buyers they are making an investment in the future, said Emma Watson, chair of Antiques for Sale.

It can take up to six weeks for antiques to arrive at your doorstep, Watson said.

“People are getting their furniture into the house and it’s a lot quicker if you’re honest and clear about what you’re going to get,” Watson said in an interview.

When an owner is ready to sell, she can find out where the property is located and get the keys, but Watson said they should be made aware that the property may be in distress, so they can work out a solution.

Watson said people who have had a furniture sale before should contact their seller and ask if they need to sell their furniture.

If they do, Watson recommends having a discussion with them about what to sell.

“You need to talk to the owner about what their intentions are for the property,” Watson explained.

“If they don’t understand why you want to sell and why they’re putting money into it, then that’s where you should start talking to them.”

Antiques houses tend to be in good condition, Watson added.

You can also contact the owner and ask to speak to someone about the condition of the property.

If a property is in a distress, the owner can contact the state or federal government.

If they’re in the middle of an eviction process, a property can be sold to someone who will take it in a reasonable time frame.

Watson recommends talking to an attorney if you want an idea of the amount of money that you’re likely to be getting for your home.

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