The best and worst of Canada’s best and the worst of its worst

When you think of Canada, you think about the provinces and the cities, and the countryside.

But there’s one province that’s also a destination: B.C. The state has been known for its stunning landscapes, a rich culture and an abundance of wild, wildlife-rich places.

But a recent spate of suicides has led to an intense search for answers as to why some people are taking their own lives.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the province’s most haunting locations and the top 10 reasons why people are leaving their homes in the province.


Victoria’s Lake Tahoe The lake in Victoria, which is the fourth-most visited in the country, has been called the “death capital of the world.”

And while that name is a bit hyperbolic, its size and sheer volume of water make it the most visited lake in the world.

With a population of nearly 1.4 million, the lake is the biggest in the Lower Mainland, but the largest lake in North America, at 4,973 square kilometres.


B. C. Mount Pleasant In the city of Victoria, there’s the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, where some of Canada ‘s most famous heroes, including Pierre Trudeau and Sir John Franklin, are buried.

Mount Placid Cemetery, which houses the remains of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is home to the remains found at Mount Placid.


Saskatchewan The Saskatchewan River, one of Canada s longest, is located on the northern shore of Lake Superior.

The lake is one of the most picturesque in the continent, and visitors can view the waves rolling in from the river.


Newfoundland In the town of St. John’s, the city has its own iconic lighthouse, a statue of the Virgin Mary, and an island that was once a Canadian territory.


Nova Scotia The city of St John’s is one half of the historic town of New Brunswick.

It has been a centre of the Acadian and First Nations communities for centuries, and it was home to Sir John Francis Drake.


Alberta’s Fort McMurray In the small city of Fort McMurdo, north of Edmonton, is a place where the air is so cold, the ground is so hard, and people can barely walk through.

It’s known for a lack of outdoor activities, but in 2015, a young woman committed suicide at the base of the city, killing herself after working for months on her first snow shovel.

This is why many people in Fort McMorray are choosing to commit suicide.


Bakersfield, California A popular hiking destination in the California desert, the town is known for the many breweries, restaurants, and nightlife that fill the town.

However, in 2015 a new trend emerged in the town: suicides.

A new trend?

The Bakersfields suicide rate has doubled in the past four years.


Boca Raton, Florida The city is known as the most expensive resort in the United States.

But the city is not alone.

There are a number of other cities in the Sunshine State where residents are considering suicide, as well.


Niagara Falls, Ontario This is one town that is very much alive.

This place is so big that even a small fire in a trailer park can cause a major disaster, and one of those fires that occurred in 2015 killed 20 people.


Leduc, Ontario The town of Leduc is famous for its historic village and the large Lake Ontario.

But in recent years, it has been plagued by the suicides of young people who had left the town for other destinations.

5,000 kilometres from Toronto, this tiny island off the coast of Ontario has a population only a tenth of the size of the Toronto region.

It is known to be a place of tranquility and solitude, but one of its biggest problems is the number of suicides.

6,000 miles north of Toronto, on the Atlantic coast, is an island known as Fort McMuron.

The town was built in the 19th century to house the largest ship graveyard in North American history.

There’s no word yet on what caused the suicides there, but many have gone missing.

7,000 kilometers to the north is the small town of Lac La Biche, Quebec, home to an old wooden town.

Lac La Bonne was built by the French in the 18th century and has been home to several notable residents, including Jacques-Louis Cousteau.

Lac la Bonne is known among many for its lakes, which are among the best in the eastern United States, and its history of industrialization, and is known throughout Canada for its rich and diverse cultures.

8,000km to the south is the tiny town of Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Abbotsfield, which was the site of a devastating fire in 2016, is also home to many of Canadas largest cities, including Vancouver and Calgary.

The community is also known for

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