How to Find the Best Bobs in Walmart’s $1,500+ Offers

Walmart is giving away $1.5 million worth of Bobs at $1 per pair of pants, socks and shoes, with a new $1-per-pair price point, to anyone who posts an Instagram post on Thursday.

The $1 million, or one-time, offer comes in the form of a coupon code, so users have a way to get in on the action.

Bobs, for those not in the know, are a fashion accessory that feature a pair of BOB-branded pants, a pair in black, and a pair with a logo printed on the front, a “bobs” logo.

BOBs are available for $20-$50, depending on the size, but they usually range from $50-$90.

Here are the best BOB combos: $1 BOB pants in black ($50-$120) $1 black BOB socks in brown ($50-150) $2 BOB boots in red ($40-$60) $4 BOB shoes in white ($30-$50) $3 BOB jeans in blue ($25-$40) $8 BOB tights in white (or $30-$40, depending upon the model) $20 BOB sunglasses in blue $10 BOB hats in black $20 baggie bags in red (or brown, depending of size) $10 baggie bag in white $30 baggie in blue (or white, depending whether you want the size) and $1 bag in brown or red ($20-$30) $15 baggie box in red $30 BOB bag in blue and black ($20-30) and a $5 discount coupon code

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