Why Lowe’s is now the worst retailer for the lazy boy

As of October 2017, Lowe’s was the worst in the U.S. for lazy boys, according to the 2017 Retailer of the Year Awards.

The retailer was also tied for fourth in the country with stores that did not sell toys or other toys with kids, according the company’s annual report.

The company’s worst-performing stores were located in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia.

For the full list of retailers in the study, click here.

Lowe’s also has a poor reputation for its customers’ shopping habits, according a study by the consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog.

Consumer Watchdogs report that the company has a long history of not offering the same-day shipping and customer service that other retailers do.

It also has had a reputation for making poor customer service decisions.

The watchdog group noted that Lowe’s has not made it easier for customers to contact customers.

It cited a decision to not offer an automated phone call response option for customers who were lost on their journey to a store, a decision that left customers waiting for hours.

The decision also left customers who could not reach the store with a phone call being left without a service representative.

The study found that Lowe to be a “dire” customer service company.

Consumer Watchdogs also found that the retailer often failed to follow its own customer service guidelines.

The organization said Lowe’s “failed to follow all of the recommendations and policies that customers expect of retailers.”

A Lowe’s spokesperson told Consumer Watchogs that it is “working to create an environment that works for all our associates, regardless of their experience.”

More from Consumer Watchpoints: The Consumer Watchpoint Foundation found that most Lowe’s employees work between 35 and 60 hours per week, which means they work about three days per week longer than the average employee.

A spokesperson from Lowe’s told Consumer Reports that “every Lowe’s employee participates in the company-wide training program called Lowe’s Insider and it has helped us build a better culture that is aligned with our values of customer service and innovation.”

ConsumerWatchdogs also said that some stores had better customer service than others.

“A few stores were not so good, and a few were just terrible,” the group said.

In response to the Consumer Watch points, the retailer wrote a blog post about the survey and noted that it has increased its hours of work for its employees.

It said that its goal is to “bring the best customer service experience to every store in the organization.”

Read more from Consumer Reports:

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