How to dress like a football player

You can dress up as a footballer and get a new lease on life!

A few tips on how to get the most out of your football wardrobe.1.

Get a haircut.

This one might seem a little odd, but if you’re a football fan, it’s a good way to make yourself look younger than your 30s.2.

Wear a helmet.

This is probably the most common tip that comes up when talking about dressing up like a footballer, but a helmet will make you look more like a real football player.3.

Dress like a linebacker.

This could be a good trick to get some extra protection against the hit you’ll take on the field.4.

Dress as a cornerback.

If you’re not a fan of footballs cleats, wear them as a defensive lineman and get some nice body armor.5.

Dress up like an offensive lineman.

If this sounds crazy, it probably isn’t.

You can get away with it, and it’s probably safer than getting ripped on the football field.6.

Dress the part.

For those who love football, this may be your chance to dress up like one of the great linemen in the history of the game.

Just don’t be afraid to show your true colors.7.

Dress more like an infielder.

This will allow you to show off your best moves and get the attention of the refs.8.

Dress your best.

Dress it up!

If you want to be more impressive, you can wear a mask or mask and helmet, but that doesn’t have to be boring.9.

Dress in all black.

This isn’t just for football, either.

Dress for the street, in a hoodie or a suit, and go for it!10.

Dress this way.

It’s a lot of fun and will help you look younger.11.

Dress to impress.

If that sounds a little strange, try dressing as if you were the king.12.

Dress a little more like the king and wear the same clothes.

That will help show off the great looks that make you a real NFL superstar.

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