The perfect house for you and your kids

Homegrown designer and builder Sarah Kastel, of the designer and construction company, Kastels Architecture, created a stunning, minimalist home with minimalist detailing, that she describes as ‘a minimalist home that’s perfect for you’.

She is looking for a place where the design can be done in three steps, and where the home is small, inviting, and simple to live in.

“It’s got minimalism, which is a very important part of what makes us tick,” she said.

She said her inspiration came from the idea of the small space as a refuge from the big world.

“A lot of the designs I’ve done have been very large spaces and that’s a very isolating environment for a lot of people.

You can’t really imagine living in a house in the middle of a city.”

“The small spaces are where you can really feel safe and secure and they are where the children can be in a safe space.”

Sarah Kastell’s house in Croydon, London.

Photo: Sarah Kestel/Kastel Architecture, via The Design Museum (UK).

Kastels architecture is based in Cribbs Hill, London, and her design and construction studio is called Kasteller Architecture.

The house was designed as a living space for Kasteli, who is a former member of the UK National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.

Kastingel said her daughter, who has autism, was initially sceptical about living in such a small space.

But as she grew up, the child became more and more comfortable with it.

Sarah Kastingel.

Sarah Kastsel’s house was first designed by Sarah Kastingell in Crayford, Croydons home, in 2009.

As she grew older, Kastingels daughter became more comfortable living in the house.

It was also a place for Kastingella to go to play and relax.

A photo posted by Sarah (@sarahkastel) on Mar 24, 2018 at 11:38am PDTSarah Kasterels house was originally designed as her daughter Sarah’s refuge from her life of isolation in Cunard Hall.

However, Sarah says that the house has changed over time and she and her husband have been trying to find a space where their daughter can be a part of her daily routine.

We have been looking at a lot more small spaces that allow her to be a little more in touch with her environment and the outside world.

One of the more recent designs that Sarah has been working on is her ‘The Little House on the Prairie’, which is designed to fit into a small area and is a great place for her daughter to have her own space.

Sarah says that one of the reasons she likes her home so much is that it has such a large open space, and the design of the house is such a simple one.

“The layout is so simple, it’s a little bit more minimalistic than some of the other houses that we’ve designed.”

She says that she has been really lucky to find that the space in which the house lives is small enough to allow the children to live and relax without worrying about how to get to and from it.

Sarah is a mother of two and her children have also been allowed to live with her, although she says that is not a big deal for her.

“I don’t really feel that I need them to know everything about my life because I’ve got a lot to tell them,” she told Business Insider.

“There’s lots of things that I’m learning about them that I think they really enjoy.”

Sarah said that the little space has been a great experience for her children, and she said it has been an important part in developing her design skills.

“My kids are very inquisitive and they love the little spaces, so it’s very important for me to have that kind of environment to have them learn and to be curious and to learn.”

Sarah says the house she has created has a number of different areas, each of which she has designed her own design around.

“Each of the areas has a different theme,” she explained.

“It gives me the opportunity to have a bit of freedom, to go off and do something different.”

She said the idea behind the house came from her experience living in one of her younger brother’s houses in Cairns.

“When I was in Cairo, one of my brothers had a small house, so I went and bought it, and I was living there, so when I was growing up, I thought I was going to do a tiny house and I wanted to do it in Cawdor,” she recalled.

While it is not the first time Sarah has designed a home, the design she has just completed is her first.

When she was younger, Sarah said that she loved the idea that her little home was a

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