New house remodeling project with 3-D printing

A house renovation project in Mumbai has gone from a dream to a reality with a 3-dimensional printer.

A company called Digital House is offering 3-d printing of all the furniture and decor for a nominal price.

The house will be converted into a home office and has been converted into three-bedroom apartments.

The printer will be installed at the home office to create 3D printed furniture.

The project, which was approved by the Maharashtra government, has already been completed and is being sold.

The house renovation was announced in February, 2017 and is part of a nationwide initiative to digitize the interior of India’s homes.

The government’s decision to launch the initiative came after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Digital India’ initiative, which aims to digitise India’s infrastructure by 2019.

A similar initiative was launched in 2015 with the goal of digitising all state-run and private sectors in India by 2021.

Digital House, a company registered in New Delhi, is an online home furniture maker.

It is also the operator of the 3-DOF 3D printing company 3D Printed House.

The 3-doF company, which is also a 3D printer company, was founded in 2009 by two professors in New York, who were working for a tech firm.

The company has been offering a range of furniture and decorative items to customers since it was founded two years ago.

According to a press release, Digital House plans to digitify all houses in Mumbai and is offering the renovation project for the price of $8,000 per apartment.

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